Before the storm

Before the storm, a tree unanchored in the soil is easily shaken and blown away by the wind before the storm. A tree planted and anchored deep in the soil, when the wind blows is not easily shaken, and when the storm comes, it may be shaken, it may bend but it is not uprooted or broken, it stays planted. This tree remains planted because it is deeply anchored in a solid foundation. What are you anchored in? What you’re anchored in is your’re founded in. Your foundation is what your life is built on. Your foundation determines the strength and the standing of your life. You would not live in a house built on sand so why build life on a sandy foundation, like sandcastles on a beach, when the waves of life sweep in, you will be washed away if your foundation is not solid enough to withstand the waves. Choose life, build, plant and anchor your life on the right foundation, that which is a Solid Rock, Unchanging and Everlasting. Wishing you a blessed and fulfilled week.

This Weekly Motivation Message was written by  ‘Purpose Wisdom’

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