Weekly Motivation Message by ‘Purpose Wisdom’

A man who thought he was fulfilled because of his status and the power the status brought quickly learned how empty and unfulfilled his life was when he lost his status. A woman who thought she was fulfilled because of her life was full of the things that her appearance and and intelligence brought her quickly realized how empty her life was when she lost everything.

Fulfilment. You may have a full life but is it really fulfilled? A life with the appearance of satisfaction on the outside but no internal fulfilment. What happens when all the things that fill your life can’t stand the test of life and you’re left with nothing? Life cannot be based on things because one day these things will go as they are meant to. There is much more to life than things. A full life, a life filled with things does not equal fulfilment, fulfilment is from the inside out not outside in. Fulfilment stems from an eternal, unchanging, unshakable foundation, it cannot be based on transient things. Live fullfilled not just full. Wishing you an impactful and fulfilled week ahead

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