RCCG 2020 – Fifty Days Fasting and Prayer Guide


On a daily basis brethren are to spend time in worship, praises with thanksgiving, pray for mercy, then on topical issues of holiness, obedience, 2020 prophesies, the church and readiness for the rapture, peace in our nation and peculiar current and recurring issues.


1. Bless the Lord O my soul and all that is within me. Bless His Holy name. Psa 103:1
2. Thank God for a new day and for the salvation of your soul
3. Father, let the spirit of the fear of God come upon your Church worldwide in Jesus name. Job 28:28
4. Father, acquaints your Church with the knowledge of your judgments in Jesus name. Psa. 19:9
5. Father, lead your Church in the path of righteousness in the name of Jesus. Psa 19:9
6. Father, plant your word in the heart of all our brethren in RCCG worldwide in Jesus name. Psa 19:8
7. Father, give us the grace to embrace wisdom & divine instruction in the name of Jesus. Prov.1:7
8. Father, grant unto your Church wisdom and understanding of your word in Jesus name. Prov.8:1
9. Father, grant your Church strong confidence in Jesus name. Prov. 14:26-27
10. Father, help your Church to walk in your ways in Jesus name. Deut.10:12
11. Father, the grace for your Church to serve you in spirit and truth let it be released in Jesus name. Deut.10:12
12. Father, grant us victories over all the enemies of progress in your Church in Jesus name. Josh.4:24
13. Father, forgive your Church in any way we have sin against you in Jesus name. Psa 130:4
14. Father, redeemed our soul from all our iniquities and clean our heart in Jesus name. Psa 130:8
15. Father, create a new heart in us and renew your right Spirit within us, Psa 51:10


“This year unless we pray very hard”, the prophecy declares, “the earth is going to behave like a child that is having convulsion. Earthquakes and volcanoes that have been dormant for years will erupt; the reason is due to SIN. SIN is becoming more rampant. There will also be change of government all over the world, some of the changes will be peaceful, and some will not.”

1. Let us begin to pray against impeding natural disasters.
2. No doubt sin has become order of the day and even institutionalized in many nations. Father let there be turnaround from wickedness unto righteousness in nations in Jesus name Psa 7:9
3. Father let the light of salvation shine brightest thorough the preaching of the gospel Isa 9:2
4. Father; turns the heart of men and women away from evil to embrace good deeds in righteousness. Acts 10:38
5. Read Acts 2: 17-21. The scriptures is being fulfilled in our time; let’s pray the father of mercy, to save His children from the scourge of these convulsions
6. In the midst of this coming darkness; God is ever faithful to answer whenever we call on Him. Let’s pray that faith will be alive in men to call upon God in trouble. Psa 50:15
7. These are perilous time; let’s pray that God will distinguish his children distinctly to proof His wonder to the dying world in Jesus name. Mal 3:18
8. Father. In the midst of darkness, let your light shines brighter for deliverance of those in darkness to relocate into thy marvelous light 1 Pet 2:9
9. The gods of Baal failed in the day of need. Father let the power of false gods begin to fail their followers in all nations 1 Kings 18:28-29
10. We are required to pray hard, to avert unpleasant situation. Father revive the PRAYER live of your church to stand in gap in order to save the dying world Luk 18;1
11. Father, hear us whenever we call. Joh 14:14
12. Father, You are the Desire of all nation, in your shaken let wickedness and all forms of ungodliness be uprooted. Hag. 2:5-7
13. Father, Open the eyes of saints to see the futility of the prosperity of the wicked. Don’t let their feet slip away. Psa 73:17


Prophecy is a message inspired by God. At the beginning of this year 2020, God gave us prophecy through our Daddy, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God: for individual, the Church and the Nations. Now for all children of God at large, and for the RCCG members in particular, this is going to be a year of series of joy, series of victory. It is the year of series of battles that our enemies will lose.

1. Let us thank God for the spirit of true prophecy in RCCG
2. Reflecting over the past events in our lives, Let us thank God for the fulfillments of past prophecies.
3. God says for every individual in RCCG, this is going to be a year of series of joy, series of victory, thank God for the victory ahead.
4. However Daddy GO warned, there is no victory without a fight. Pray that for every RCCG member, we will not fear the battle for the Lord will truly be our light and our salvation. Psa 27:1
5. Father; grant us boldness to confront any giant that may rise against us. 1 Sam 17, 35-36 6. Father: grant us boldness to stand firm in faith against treat of any unseen enemies. Pro 28:1
7. Since the battle is not ours, let us pray for the spirit of effective prayers and intercessions. Psa 50:15
8. Pray for all RCCG members to receive power to live holy and be obedient dwelling in the secret place of the Most High. Psa 91:1
9. Daddy says, there will be shout of joy this year; Let us pray for Joy to replace sorrow in all our tabernacles. Psa 118:17
10. Father; in times of storm, let us always remember and hold on to your promises of help in time of trouble Psa 50:1
11. Father; whenever storm arises, let us always remember that the battle is the Lord’s. 2 Chr 20:15
12. Father, give us the anointing and boldness of David to confront every Goliath on our way throughout year 2020 and beyond, in Jesus name.
13. Father; help me in my devotion, to draw nearer unto you day after day in Jesus name 14. Father; no matter the storms that may come my way, give me strength never to faint in time of adversity.
15. Father; we thank you because you always hear our prayers every time we call upon your name.

DAY 5: PRAYER FOR MERCY, TEXT: 2 Chron 7:14, Psa 51

1. Bless the Lord O my soul and all that is within me. Bless His Holy name. Psa 103: 1
2. Thank God for another brand new day.
3. Let us bless the name of the Lord. Truly, it has been of the LORD’S mercies that we were not consumed; his compassions have never failed Lam 3:22, Psa 34:
4. Praise the One who gives hope to the hopeless. Lam. 3:21
5. ather, let me and my family continually live in your mercy in Jesus name. Lam.3:22.
6. Father, in your mercy, forgives me all the sins and errors I have committed when I was struggling to become somebody in life in Jesus name. Psa 130:4
7. Father, in your mercy removes every reproach in my life and family in the name of Jesus. Lam. 3:29-32 Father, in your mercy take away grief, sorrow and all such from my life and family in Jesus name. Lam.3:35-36
8. Father, by your mercies reverse every irreversible in my life in Jesus name. Lam.3:35
9. Father, search and try our ways and turn our heart again back to you in the name of Jesus. Lam. 3:40
10. Father, in your mercy, deliver me and my family from any form of satanic oppression in Jesus name. Psa 18:50


1. Thank you Lord, for the salvation of my soul.
2. Thank you father, for the miracle of sleeping and waking every day. Psa 35:23
3. Thank you Lord, for I am wonderfully and fearfully made. Psa 139:14
4. Thank you Lord, for making all the members of my family for your signs and wonders. Isa 8:18
5. Father, I thank you because I will not die but live to declare the works of your hands in my Country (name your country) and all over the world in Jesus name. Psa 118:17
6. Father, I thank you for keeping every member of my family alive in Jesus name. Eccl 9:4
7. Father I thank you for divine protection and provision, in Jesus name. Gen 47:12
8. Father I thank you for divine visitation, in Jesus name. Job 10:12
9. Father I thank you for divine healing, in Jesus name. Job 10:12
10. Father, I thank you for divine connection, in Jesus name.
11. Father, I thank you for delivering me from the hands of devourers in Jesus name. Mal 3:11
12. Father, I thank you for always granting me and my family journey mercies, in Jesus name. Psa 121: 8
13. Thank you because of your mercies and love towards me and my family in Jesus name Psa 138:1-2
14. Thank you because I know you will open unto me the gate of your abundance, I will enter and continue to give you thanks Psa 118:19, 68:19
15. Thank you for giving me overflowing blessing and anointing my head with oil Psa 23:5.


We are encouraged to always pray for our leaders.

1. Father God we thank you for Daddy G.O., the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God and Mummy G.O. in Jesus name Psa.34:1-3
2. Oh Lord, we thank you for your protection over them Isa.41:10
3. Lord, thank you because you are fighting every battle of their lives. Exo.14:14
4. Lord God almighty, we thank you for giving them victory in every area of their life. 1Jn 5:6
5. Gracious Lord, we thank you for prospering your work in their hands Psa 68, 118:19
6. Father Lord, thank you because you will complete the work you have started in their lives in Jesus name Phi 1:6
7. Thank you Lord, for answering their prayers and may you continue to always answer their prayers in Jesus name I Kgs 8:28
8. Father Lord, we thank you that all you have released into their hands will never be taken away by the enemies and they will end strong in the name of Jesus. John 6:37
9. Thank you for chosen them, please continue to be their God in the name of Jesus. Psa 33:12
10. Lord, we thank you for long life and prosperity for daddy and mummy G.O, in Jesus name. Psa 91:16.


The Church is the group of people that are redeemed by the blood of Jesus, the believers in Jesus Christ, the representative of Jesus upon this earth.

1. Father we thank you for the Church and the gathering of your Saints in the name of Jesus.
2. Thank you Lord, because the Church is still standing and the gate has no power to prevail over her.Matt 16:18
3. Thank you Lord, for given the Church the keys of David, that whenever we decree a thing it comes to pass in Jesus name.Matt 16:19 , Isa 22:22
4. Lord, we thank you for the open doors you’ve given unto Church to expand all over the world in Jesus name. Acts 16:5.
5. Gracious God, we thank you for your overflowing generosity to your Church Deut. 28:6
6. Lord we thank you for how you’ve been using your Church to put joy in the life of many through evangelism. 2 Cor. 4:15
7. Thank you Lord, for your peace despite the challenges your Church has been facing with. Jn. 14:2, Col. 3:15, Ezek. 37:26,
8. Thank you Lord, for the victory you always give to your Church without a fight. 1Cor.15:57
9. Thank you for your faithfulness over the Church that is new every morning. Lam 3:23
10. Thank you Lord, for keeping the Church alert and watching in prayer in the name of Jesus Col. 4:2
11. Father God thank you for the revival in the Church in the name of Jesus Psa 85:6


Praise is an expression of respect and gratitude. It is an act of worship. given praise to God, it can be by singing or joyful noise from gladness of heart. Psa 100:1. Our God, we praise you because you are gracious God in Jesus name. Psa. 116.

1. Our father in heaven, we praise you because you are a righteous God in the name of Jesus. 1 Cor.1:30
2. Lord we praise you for you are a compassionate God in the name of Jesus. Psa 145:8-9
3. We praise you for you are a merciful God in the name of Jesus. 2Sam 24:14.
4. Lord I praise you for your grace that saved us in the name of Jesus. Eph. 2:8
5. We praise you for creating us in Christ Jesus unto good works in Jesus name. Eph.2:10
6. We praise you the only one that forgives sin in Jesus name. Psa 103:3
7. We praise you the redeemer of life in the name of Jesus. Psa. 103:4
8. We praise you Lord for you are great in Jesus name Psa 104:1
9. God the father, we bless your name because you are wise and powerful, we will praise you forever and ever in Jesus name. Dan 2:20.
10. Almighty father God, we will sing and praise you for you are the only one who can rescue the oppressed from the power of evil in the name of Jesus Jer. 20: 3
11. Thank you, Lord, for how great you are, we will proclaim and tell of the wonderful things you have done in the name of Jesus Psa 75:1
12. Thank you for your glory and might power that cannot be surmounted in the name of Jesus 1Chro 16:28
13. Let us praise God for his glorious grace, for the free gift He gives us in his dear son Jesus Christ Eph 1:6
14. Lord God, we thank you for your salvation, we will sing to you and proclaim your loving kindness day after day in the name of Jesus 1Chro 6:23.



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